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Commodore Amiga: Silkworm PDF Print E-mail

Commodore Amiga: Commodore Amiga: Silkworm

http://www.Insert-Disk.com proudly presents "Silkworm" for the Commodore Amiga 500/1200.

First level played for fun.

One of the all time great shooters. Simple graphics and simple gameplay but this game has stood the test of time as a hugely playable game on multiple formats. I liked this one so much I bought an original board for my arcade machine, hours of fun!


Commodore Amiga: Clown O Mania PDF Print E-mail

Commodore Amiga: Commodore Amiga: Clown O Mania

http://www.Insert-Disk.com proudly presents "Clown O Mania" for the Commodore Amiga 500/1200.

First 7 levels played for fun.

Clown-O-Mania is one of those games I played at a young age and have always thought well of. The aim is to collect every gem/ball (what ever they are) on the level. There are various bad guys running around as well as razor blades to pick up and use as weapons. The game is simple and fun with catchy music. Having not played this for about 20 years it came back to me quite quickly. If I have a criticism of the game it would be the controls. Since it is an isometric grid I get easily confused about which button to press, I have exactly the same issue with Q*Bert though :-) It's more use error than bad game design. On level 5 the map turns upside-down, now this really hurts my brain as to how to control the clowns direction.

Still, this is a fantastic gem of a retro game and well worth 10 minutes of your time to investigate.


Nintendo NES Video Lounge: 1943 Battle of Midway PDF Print E-mail

Nintendo NES: 1943 Battle of Midway

http://www.Insert-Disk.com proudly presents "1943 Battle of Midway" for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Level 1 played for fun.

Great retro title on the NES. Lots of enemies and basic power ups. The game is a little easy by todays standards but still a classic. There were multiple releases in this series including several editions of 1944.


Nintendo NES Video Lounge: Punch Out! PDF Print E-mail
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Nintendo NES: Punch-Out!

http://www.Insert-Disk.com proudly presents "Punch-Out!" for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Fight 1 played for fun.

Nintendos classic boxing game with plenty of knock outs. The controls are fairly limited to simple dodging and punching. Most of the game play involves learning the pattern of your opponent. For the time I can imagine that this game was quite a good option for all age groups. I like it but Super Punch out! clearly adds a lot more in terms of graphics and game play.


Sega Mega Drive Video Lounge: Gauntlet 4 PDF Print E-mail

Sega Mega Drive: Gauntlet 4

http://www.Insert-Disk.com proudly presents "Gauntlet 4" for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.

Levels 1-3 played for fun. Arcade mode.

Classic dungeon crawling hack 'n slash adventure in Gauntlet 4. Fight your way through dungeon after dungeon packed with wave after wave of enemies. Along the way collect keys and potions to aid you in your quest.


Sega Mega Drive Video Lounge: Fire Shark PDF Print E-mail

Sega Mega Drive: Fire Shark

http://www.Insert-Disk.com proudly presents "Fire Shark" for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.

Opening title sequence and a complete stage 1.

A great vertical shooter. This one can get quite tricky and is very unforgiving should you find yourself moving towards the top of the screen. Nice powerups and great level design. If you like this one I would strongly reccomend Truxton which is essentially the same game with revised space themes sprites and levels.



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