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User Rating: / 7

Year: 1991
Genre: Puzzle/Maze
Players: 2 (alternating)
Our Rating: 8/10


Mini Review

Since its launch Pac-Man was an instant hit. It was a game that crossed the gender and age audience to allow a wide acceptance. Until the 16-Bit era Pac-Man had been a 2D affair. The Atari 2600 version is often cited as one of the worse conversions ever and the 8-Bit console versions lacked that certain thrill of the arcade. For a successful relauch the developers decided to go 3D (or at least isometric). Pacmania stayed true to the concept of the original.

The layouts, the ghosts, the music and the power pill action had all been lovingly recreated with updated graphics and cut scene interludes. For those that have never played one of the main series of Pac-Man the concept can be explained very simply. Collect all the pills on the level and avoid the ghosts. You will understand the game in seconds yet will be hooked for hours. Pacmania obviously try to stay as true to the original as possible in terms of game play. Two modifications though are Pac-Mans new found jumping abilities .These are often helpful as the ghosts have also been working out, some can jump, others have increased speed. I can highly recommend Pacmania as a solid game for all ages. The game concept has been copied, redesigned and re-launched numerous times. My guess is that your current mobile phone might contain one of its derivatives. Don’t forget this 16-Bit version though, it’s an excellent example of the Sega Mega Drive has such longevity.



Pacmania: Title Screen

Pacmania: Game Play

Pacmania: Sega Mega Drive Cartridge

Pacmania: Sega Mega Drive Cover


Sega Mega Drive: Pacmania
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